Of turbulence, Zpad Residences, and rainy Tacloban

Zpad residences tacloban

Shortly after new year’s day, we headed to the hub’s hometown, Samar! We first went to Tacloban since there is no direct flight from Manila.

On the day of our flight, our flight was delayed thus the overstay at the airport, the Lil One dozing off to her usual afternoon nap, and the mom craving for some sweets!


During the flight, we experienced turbulence as that day is the first day typhoon Auring entering PAR. First typhoon for 2017 and we have a flight! This mom got scaredy-cat and kept asking the hubs if we were landing yet. When the pilot announced we finally were, this scaredy-cat dropped a tear or two, thankful for a safe flight. Praise be to God!

Thankfully, the Lil One seemed oblivious of the flight as she was distracted by nursery rhyme videos during the whole one hour flight. She sat on her pop’s lap as her mum couldnt pull herself together. Huhu!

Staying at Zpad Residences

Our supposed 4pm arrival became a 7pm arrival in the Daniel Romualdez Airport. It was already dark and quiet in the town, and commute transpo seems nowhere in sight. At that hour and drizzle, travelling to Samar was no longer in the picture so instead we took a local taxi. Thankfully, we booked an overnight stay at a local accomodation called Zpad Residences a day before the flight via The booking process was simple and straightforward, and it didn’t charge us anything. We didnt have to make initial contact with Zpad as well. Upon arrival at Zpad, our booking was directly acknowledged and off we went to our unit to rest and refresh ourselves. You can try it for yourself by using our search box below:

The whole building of Zpad residences is composed of 3 levels with at least 3 or 5 units on each level. It classifies itself as a hotel but for me, it is more of a luxurious apartment type of accomodation.

Inside the unit, we immediately noticed the modern contemporary style of furnitures and fixtures that would remind you of a typical bachelor’s pad. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, and we found three bedroom doors. The staff explained that we were not the only occupants in the unit. The living/dining/kitchen will be shared by all occupants apparently. You can have only your bedroom all to yourselves.

But the best thing about Zpad is the food because delicious! I could safely say they’ve got a lively, well-kept kitchen with a competent cook. They serve food not just for the sake of having something served. They serve good food albeit simple dishes.

Zpad residences tacloban

Then off we went to a hot shower. What a great way to wash away the stress from the day’s hustle and bustle!

We did have a good night sleep and woke up to yet another rainy day in Tacloban. Ready to tackle another travel: a three-hour landtrip to Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Aja!


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