Why I started this blog

why i started mommy cathy blog

Every time I would chat with friends, i found myself always saying the same things: momhood is hard, hormones, new milestones from the Lil One, happy smiles, challenging sleep schedules, etcetera. Different friends on different occasions would mention about blogging. ‘Go back to blogging’ one would say. ‘You should blog about it,’ another said.  I wanted to, but there were those doubts and apprehensions, but thankfully they were crushed out by my happy realisations.

why i started mommy cathy blog

My doubts and apprehensions

  1. For starters, the perfect excuse is I simply don’t have time to spare. Just the thought of squeezing extracurricular affairs into my daily mom routines makes me nauseous. Actually having to try them is groundbreaking.
  2. Second, I thought it was being selfish. ‘The time I spend on writing should be spent with the Lil One instead’, the wannabe ideal mom in me exclaimed.
  3. Perhaps, I can start later. Or next month. Or next year. Probably when the Lil One gets older. Just not now. Because I don’t have time to spare. Shoutout to number 1 excuse.
  4. I am almost 30. And I am now a mom. My moment has passed. I feel old. Blah blah blah. I should have started blogging when I was younger. Hey, I did. In 2007 to be exact. And I didn’t follow through. So nah.
  5. The laptop is broke.  So the question is, where would I blog?

What made me start a blog… eventually

  1. The last and fifth apprehension was just plain ridiculous. Having this as a roadblock sounds like making an excuse to start something.
  2. I’ve been wanting to start a journal where I can write about my journey in motherhood. Years from now, i want something to remind me how my Lil One would play at nights instead of sleeping. Ooops. Or I want to record her monthly milestones. I want our memories to be converted from being thoughts in my mind into tangible words in writing.
  3. Okay, let’s do it. What will i lose anyway?

Happy realisations

  1. I was able to put down my thoughts into writing. Those thoughts that run through my mind while I’m washing baby bottles for the millionth time has found its escape from the maze called my mind.
  2. It kept me away from negativities and monotony. Suddenly there were many things to do like install a plugin, brainstorm on a new topic, and so on. It was refreshing. Everyday, there are different unique tasks to accomplish.
  3. It made my me-time productive. Before, whenever the Lil One takes naps, I just lose myself in browsing social media and aimlessly surfing the internet it gave me headaches and made my me-time another monotony. With blogging, it made my me-time productive where I am learning something new most often.
  4. I found a creative outlet. I found a way to shake off that writer’s itch. I found an outlet for my thoughts. I found a sense of productivity.
  5. At first, I was hesitant to return to blogging as a question hangs on my head: with the social media dominance, is blogging still alive? Digging further online, i realised that the blogging industry has become livelier than ever. And anytime now is an exciting time to blog. More and more bloggers are sharing what worked for them and what didn’t for the past few years. And hello, the articles i read about parenting come from blogs, the viral posts shared on social media come from blogs, so hello, blogging is very much alive. In fact, it tremendously evolved from being a simple online journal to professional income-generating medium. And it is not going anytime soon. It is continuing to grow, change, and evolve at a quick pace.


Motherhood is anything but one-dimensional. But one thing’s for sure. It is a journey that can take you on a rollercoaster ride. From its all-consuming euphoria to its all-exhausting struggles, there’s no other ride quite like it. And that is primarily why i started this blog: I wanted to put my journey in motherhood into writing so that in the future, I can recall our old memories while we are busy making new ones.

So I thank that one quite afternoon when my Lil One is sleeping, I managed to register my domain, started WordPress, wrote a piece, and hit ‘publish’ on my first post. I surprisingly gained my momentum from those mere actions. Through the process, new ideas started bursting out and new discoveries about blogging unravel. The blogging itch caught me again. Not only did it became my breathing space from my rollercoaster ride, it gradually became my productive outlet for my creative energy.

So every time the Lil One sleeps and after all the mommy chores are done, here’s her mother blogging like there’s no tomorrow.  And I used my mobile during the first few months, because the laptop is broke. Talk about hardships!

How about you mommies? Do you also want to start a mom blog?

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