Travels with the Lil One

While we didn’t plan an exclusive home stay for our Lil One, we didn’t expect to have had several trips during her infant stage either. But that we did. For very important reasons. Looking back at those events, I’d still say, ‘It ain’t a walk in the park (or the airport!)’ Here are our Lil One’s traveling adventures at such young age.

At one-month-old, her first international air flight: Singapore to Cebu

Here she is on her very first trip and international at that. So brave and strong our Lil One is. Thankfully, she slept through the flight and wasn’t very fussy.

With my mom.

And her very first ferry ride, Cebu to Tagbilaran

The noisy waiting area in Cebu port

 Another ferry ride going back and forth to Cebu


 Then on her second air flight, this time to Manila

What an angel, my darling

 For her second international air flight, Sydney

Finally sleeping for an 8-hour flight minus 2 for the tantrums
This bassinet she didn’t like AT ALL
Welcome to Sydney my darling

Baby on flight, going back to Manila

Then we went to Tacloban

Flight is delayed!!! Time for sugar rush!

Then Guiuan, Eastern Samar, papa’s hometown

Ready for your next trip baby?

Then back to Tacloban, and straight to Cebu

What’s taking em so long mama?

To Bohol, mama’s hometown

Back to Cebu via ferry ride, and straight to Manila via airplane


And Singapore, back to the Lil One’s birthplace

Wide awake at our 12am flight

And now, Melbourne!

Tanaan!!! I tell you rolling instead of folding clothes is hugely effective in maximizing space!



Many more adventures to come for you my darling!

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