Travel Guide: Camotes Island, Cebu


Camotes Island is becoming a famous destination since it is very accessible from Cebu city and the beaches are breathtaking. Are you planning to visit Camotes Island, Cebu anytime soon?  Find out where to stay, where to eat, and what tourist spots are worth checking out.


Hotel accommodations in Camotes

The most famous resorts in Camotes are:

  • Santiago Bay Garden & Resort
  • Mangodlong Rock Resort
  • Mangodlong Paradise Resort

TIP: You must make reservations especially during peak seasons. The Santiago Bay Garden & Resort and Mangodlong Rock Resort are owned by one entity, so any reservations made in these two resorts are the same. They accept reservations and you can pay on the day of your arrival. Meanwhile, Mangodlong Paradise Resort accepts reservations through their website and requires you to pay in advance through their BPI account.

How to get to Camotes Island

  1. From SM Cebu terminal, ride a shuttle bus going to Danao City for 50 pesos each person. The trip may take about two hours or more. Upon arriving in the city proper of Danao, tell the driver to drop you off the pier.
  2. In Danao pier, go directly to the ticketing outlet of Jomalia Shipping Lines. Trips from Danao-Camotes (Consuelo port) are 5:30AM, 8:30AM, 10:00AM, 12NN, 5:30PM, and 9:30PM. The ticket costs 200 pesos (aircon) and 180 pesos (non-aircon). Their trip takes about two hours. For your trip back home, Consuelo-Danao trips are scheduled at 4AM, 5:30AM, 9AM, 12NN, 2PM and 4PM.
  3. Upon arriving at Camotes port, you will immediately notice the vast green nature of the island and the white sand that has remained white and clean even though it’s a port. Outside the gate of the port, you might get irritated by the endless shouts of the habal-habal and multicab drivers who insist to get you in their vehicles. Do not ride the habal-habal especially if you have a lot of luggage; take the mulitcab instead which charges 50 pesos each person. Tell the driver which resort you will be staying.

Best places to visit in Camotes

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort

Upon arrival, confirm your reservation and make your payments. Check-in time: 2:00PM, check-out 12NN. The resort has their own restaurant that could be quite expensive especially for those in tight budgets. The good thing about this resort is that it is near a very famous food spot that is affordable and provides tasty good food, Pit-os Sutukil. You can reach Pit-os Sutukil by simply going to the shore area of the resort (you have to take down the stairs, yes they have stairs going down the shore since the resort sits on a high cliff). You walk towards the beach front and there you will see other restaurants too. If you want to buy T-shirts with Camotes prints, Sutukil also sells them.

Santiago Bay resort
Santiago Bay Resort
Santiago Bay Resort
Santiago Bay Resort

Mangodlong Paradise Resort

 When you decide to stay in this resort on your first day, they provide a transportation from the port to the resort. It is a yellow multicab that is very similar to a fetch vehicle used in golf courses. Upon arriving at the resort, you just have to confirm your reservations. Check-in time: 2:00PM, check-out 12NN.


When you stay in Mangodlong Paradise, they can give you a tour around Camotes that may cost a fee. You can also do your own tour by hiring a habal-habal driver who really knows the island so he can be a tour guide, very friendly, reliable, and can patiently takes you to places. The usual hire for a habal-habal driver for a whole-day tour is 500 pesos but you can negotiate to 450 pesos. Or if you know how to drive and explore the island yourself, you can rent the motorcycle for the same price.

Pito’s Sutukil

So far, this is the most famous food spot because of its good taste and the price is reasonable enough, especially if you find the food in resort restaurants way too expensive which usually are. Their food price ranges from 75-150 pesos, for example sinugbang isda for 120 pesos, sotanghon soup for 80 pesos, rice for 15 pesos, mango shake for for 50 pesos.You eat while facing the beach which can be a wonderful experience especially at night.

Pito's Sutukil in Camotes
Pito’s Sutukil in Camotes

camotes food

Lake Danao Park (San Francisco)

This is probably the most famous spot during tours. Here you can ride a kayak (500 pesos), drink buko juice beside the lake, or ride the motorboat that can hold up to ten persons (1000 pesos).

Lake Danao
Lake Danao

Buho Rock (Poro)

If you are into diving, this might interest you since it has a high cliff that oversees a deep water below. It is very far from their downtown proper and it is beside the island’s power plant. The good thing is that they have wifi!

Buho Rock
Buho Rock

Santiago White Beach

This is just beside the Santiago Resort and near its shore is their church where you can hear mass on a Sunday.

Santiago white beach
Santiago white beach

Other Camotes tourist spots you might want to check out:

  • Bukilat Cave (Tudela)
  • Poro Church (Poro)
  • Timobo Caves
  • Green Lake Park

May you enjoy your Camotes escapade as much as we did! Enjoy visiting Camotes!

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