Tips on staying in hotels with kids

tips staying in hotels with kids

There’s always that inconvenience when staying in hotels with kids: it cannot have all the comfort and convenience your home completely has. So whenever we find ourselves going for a stay in hotels, here are some essential things I do to prepare beforehand and to keep my sanity throughout the stay!

staying in hotels with kids


Before the check-in

  • Prepare things to bring at least one day before

There’s always that worry of forgetting something behind at home so make sure you prepare your things at least a day before. Depending on your length of stay, make an estimate of diaper count, number of attires, and other baby essentials.

  • Bring other most-often overlooked items like:
    • Snacks e.g. crackers, biscuits, apples
    • Travel-size baby wash products
    • Plastic bags
    • Dishwashing cleanser for baby bottles, nipples. etc
    • First-aid kit
  • Research about your hotel
    • Research about the hotel what family-friendly services and facilities they can provide
    • Know the location and its nearby establishments e.g. restaurants, groceries, etc
    • Know if the hotel provide free transportation services to nearby establishments
    • Read reviews from other hotel guests who have brought kids with them

During your stay

  • If possible, ask for a room that has a beautiful outdoor view, the kids will enjoy it!
  • Ask for a room that has a bath tub for an enjoyable and safe bath time.
  • Inspect the room for child-proofing.
  • Think (or brainstorm!) on how to entertain the kids while inside the hotel room.

For sure, the kids would love exploring the new environment. So much love that they’d do it until you cannot keep up anymore with their explorative skills. They’d play with the phone, chew the phone wire (ew!), crawl to the corner, stare at the mirror, eat the tissue (no!), and the adventure goes on. Where do kids get all that energy, eh? If you can, take them to the swimming pool for a quick dip, stroll around the hotel lobbies, or simply let them play in the hotel room. Good luck mommies!

  • Clean the phone, TV remote control, and other items your kids are likely to play with (and chew on)
  • Ask for a baby cot

Ask your hotel if they can provide a baby cot. It should be free though, but in case you’d have to pay extra, simply let your baby sleep on the bed with you. Because in our case, ours didn’t like the cot! Our 11-month-old never liked it since it was brought to our hotel room, screamed when she’s in there, and never closed her eyes until she was made to sleep in the bed. Uh-uh.


  • Ask for extra pillows, blanket, towels

More please!

  • Plan where and how to sterilize your baby bottles

This one for me is the most challenging. If I had to bring our own electric sterilizer at home, I would. But fate wouldn’t allow me. Blame the stars on the sky. Seriously, I had to find ways like heating water over and over again, soak the bottles in the hot water, then repeat the whole process the day after. Well, well, well.

  • Do not forget to enjoy mommies!

Do not spoil any fun family moments with routine tasks.  After all, it’s the memories that count the most. So make good memories! Take pictures!

After your stay

  • Make sure you haven’t left anything behind in the hotel room
  • Thank the hotel service
  • Review and rate the hotel for any good service they provided.

Thanks for reading! How about you mommies, what are your tips?

what are you doing baby?
what are you doing baby?

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