5 Ultimate Cliches of Motherhood


My list of posts to write is mounting up. And when i finally had the time to sit down and write, the cursor on the screen just keeps blinking, looking at me, and waiting on what my first word would be. Just when i manage to type, word after word, i would press delete, and then type again. ‘Can’t you make up your mind?’ the impatient cursor seemed to scream at me. Uh-oh. I’m having a writer’s block.

I can’t write about our recent trip or a certain review. I just recovered from an overwhelming morning because mom duties. Oh yes big words. Mom. Such a challenging role, emotional journey, and yes, a rewarding experience. All these high and lows packed in a single word. Mom. Mama. Mommy. Mother.

And there started the flow of my words. Because i started to write what I wanted to write about. This overwhelming morning that made me euphoric, inadequate, frustrated, I asked for these. I wanted these. To be a stay at home mom. And i reminded myself again on why i started this blog. It is to document what i am learning about motherhood one day at a time.

So eleven months down the line, what have I learned so far? That cliches are cliches for good reasons! Here are some cliches of motherhood:

1. That it is not easy.

Yeah, you’ve heard it so many times before, seen it, felt it. The ultimate cliche. And then you become the cliche.
So why is it not easy? For me, it’s because you are in charge over the LIFE of a little human being who cant take care of herself but yet keeps on moving, jumping, wanting to climb the stairs, and putting things on her mouth! Oh how many times my heart seemed to jump out my chest. And when accidents did happen such as when she fell off the bed, oh how i blamed myself to the deepest abyss of my mere existence.
Okay. I have to be on guard 24/7. Yeah that’s a perfect plan (ehem, sarcasm). Apparently, you get tired too, get hungry, and well, i may admit, lose patience too. So what to do? Let go!

2. That it is easy

Sure it’s not a job because it does not pay bills. But it’s work.
Here’s a note though. Make sure to find yourself a support system who understands what it’s like to be in your shoes. To outsiders, it might sound you are complaining, but to those whose shoes fit yours, they know that this cliche sans misconception is indeed just a misconception.

3. That very, very, very often, if not always, you have to put yourself last

Time. Food. Rest. Did i say food again? You, on the bottom chain. Need to pupu or wewe? Do that when the baby stops screaming. The baby’s needs will always comes first.

4. That you must still take care of yourself

In spite of it all, please take care of yourself. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally.
No, it is not selfish to do so. Besides, you cannot give what you do not have. If you’re unhappy or unwell, the baby will be the receiving medium.

5. That it is all worth it

When i was still single, my parent friends used to say motherhood is hard but it’s all worth it. What do they mean?
Well, being a parent myself, yeah it is indeed. As long as the Lil One is happy, healthy, safe, smiling, babbling, laughing, i can say that amazingly (and ironically) it is all worth it. I say ironic because although it’s hard, I wouldnt have it any other way and would be glad to do it all over again. No I’m not talking about a second baby yet. Let me catch my breathe. Hehehe.

How about you? What are the other cliches of motherhood and what do you think of them?

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