Sunday reflections: Feast of the Holy Family

Here are some tidbits of another wonderful sermon by Fr. Saa.


The family is a school of sanctification. Jesus Christ Himself showed it to us by example. For 30 years, the Son of God submitted Himself under the authority of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. No miracle, no extraordinary events. Just simple, ordinary family life practicing virtues of poverty, humility, charity and perfect obedience to the Divine Will of God. The family is the foundation of all virtues and the Holy Family is the perfect example.

When Jesus was twelve years old, He was lost during a certain feast. Joseph and Mary went looking for Him for three days. And He was later found in the temple, among the wise men in the temple whom He awed with His own words and wisdom. Upon seeing Her Son, Mary cried ‘Why have you done this us? Your father and I were looking everywhere for you.’

There comes a time in our lives when Jesus seems to be hiding from us. We cannot find Him. We feel no consolation. This is called the dark nights. And God allows you to experience that. So that you will seek Him. More than ever, you must seek not the consolations but rather seek the God of consolations. And when you do, be like Mary who didnt think of Herself. Instead, even at that time of anguish, She respected first the authority of St. Joseph: ‘Your father and I…’ Now how about us? What is our attitude when God seems far from us? What is our attitude towards authority? What is your attitude towards your parents, spouse, or leaders?

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