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Popol. Geeen. Rid. Seyow. 

That is how the Lil One pronounces purple, green, red, and orange, respectively. Orange for her is se-yow! And I’m sure she doesn’t mean yellow because every time she sees the orange fruit or color orange, she says ‘Se-yow’.

‘Se-yow’, she says.

‘No, it is O-RANGE!’, I’d say.

She’d cry and I’d wonder what again she wants. Is she hungry? Sleepy? In pain?

‘Se-yow’, her teary eyes and cute face insist.

Finally getting it and relieved she’s not in pain, I’d quickly retreat from my previous correction, ‘Alright alright, se-yow’,

‘Se-yowwwww’, says the Lil One with a grin on her now-smiling face as if nothing tearful happened.

I’ve read that kids her age begin learning up to 10 words every week and by the time they reach 2 years old, they can have a vocabulary of up to 1000 words or so. They cannot properly say those words of course, but they know and understand. The ideal thing is not to correct the pronunciations first; making them know and understand words is most crucial.

Every time I say a certain word to her, she can imitate it. For example, when I ask her “Do you want food?”, she’d say “Fooood!”.

“Go to bed.”, she answers, “Beeeed”.

“No, no, no”, she answers, “Nooooo”.

“Let’s go”, she answers, “Go go go”.

“Come”, she mimics, “Cummmm!”

Sometimes I catch her saying words which I myself am not teaching her:

Saba = means quiet in our dialect

Ayaw ba = means ‘don’t do it’ in our dialect

I am instantly reminded that she is a sponge! She’s now 21 months old and she’s always surprising us with her milestones. The mommy is uber proud here of course. And happy to know that I can command or instruct her like,

‘Get the remote please’

‘Sit down’

‘Stand up’

‘Give mama cellphone’

‘Close the door’

Here are her other words.






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