Philippine Tarsier Foundation says ‘Tarsiers are not display objects’

Philippine Tarsier Foundation

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation aims to help the endangered specie Tarsier, which can be mostly found in the province of Bohol. Tarsiers have become the iconic symbol of Bohol tourism, along with the Chocolate Hills and Panglao Beaches.

The Man behind the Philippine Tarsier Foundation: Carlito Pizarras

Last December, our family went to the Corella Tarsier Sanctuary during our Bohol countryside tour. The person behind the foundation is Mr. Carlito Pizarras, who is also called “The Tarsier Man”. His advocacy has been recognized in other countries and has also been featured in Reader’s Digest and other notable international publications.

The Corella Preservation has allocated a ten-hectare lot where tarsiers can be free to live in their own natural wild ways. Another one-hectare lot is allocated for tarsiers who are fed with insects and shown to the tourists, even so, the lot is full of trees and shrubs and twigs so that the tarsiers will really feel that they still live in the wild life.

It’s a heartbreaking story actually because tarsiers are very shy primates. But they are publicly showcased to the tourists to be pictured, to be touched, and to be played with. This kind of activities cause stress and they can die of it. Today, such activities are already prohibited in the province, raised by the foundation.

Their repopulation strategy is slow because mother tarsiers can only carry one fetus on their womb for six months, and another six months are spent for taking care of the baby. So it takes one year to have another tarsier in the world. And given the harsh environment today, their survival instincts though strong are greatly challenged.

It’s really high-time to help these young and small creatures. A decent number of tarsiers are found in the neighboring islands of Bohol. They can be orphaned in the sanctuary and given the conservation environment proper to them. In the whole world, the Philippine Tarsier Foundation is the central organization that preserves and conserves the Tarsius species.

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