Our Everyday Moments

Imperfect and perfect, mother and the Mother of all mothers


You walk towards me giving me the toy that’s in your hand
And all i could see is the newborn that’s in your eyes
Fragile, small, restless, always crying it made mommy’s ears and heart bleed so hard

No matter how many stairs you’ve managed to climb up and down,
Or how many mountains you will climb when you grow older,
i can still see the helpless little newborn that was you, in my heart.

You kiss my nose, you scratch my neck, you follow small commands
You bend, you roll, you run, you jump into the bed facefront
You stumble and you make my heart skip a beat
You shout, you laugh, you blow
And yet i am brought to that quiet sunny afternoon where for the first time, a newborn was sleeping on my chest so quietly and soundly

My firstborn, you are
And rightfully so, the first to experience my inexperience as a mom
Mommy meltdown, there were a few
Mistakes and guesswork, your mother couldn’t quite count them through.
But you were and are perfect,
Always innocent and trusting to her little strength

I am not perfect and will never be. And so many times, i wished i was, i could be.
But mothers do get tired too
From watching you sleep, keeping you safe, and rocking your bed.
Many times how i wished my arms were stronger, my chest softer, my hands bigger
Hopefully darling my heart is enough
because loving and protecting you is a task i’d give more than my life
And that i will never get tired of

Many people love you, my darling
Always remember that
Many would take a bullet for you
I’d be the first in line

But most of all, pray to God
Because He always is and will be perfect at times I possibly can’t
Your mother is full of weaknesses but our refuge and protector is not
She is the perfection
She is the Mother of all mothers
She is the Immaculate Concepcion
And through her, i perfectly know you can be safe and strong no matter what.


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