Catholicism, Faith


Cathy / August 26, 2017


We were invited to attend the confirmation of our fellow parishioner’s son. And we gladly accepted as we have been wanting to visit the SSPX church in Tynong. The confirmation was given by Bishop Fellay.

Our first trip to …


Good stories

It’s a good story, it hurts.

Jo March, my childhood heroine, was a writer, something I wanted to be too when I was a little woman myself. She had wonderful sisters as loving companions in her childhood. She lives in … Read more...

Motherhood, Our Everyday Moments

Our everydays


The Lil One used to dislike bath time. But now is different. Whenever I tell her it’s ba-bath time, she immediately rushes to climb the stairs and head on to the bathroom. I’m very careful in saying the word … Read more...


Travels with the Lil One

While we didn’t plan an exclusive home stay for our Lil One, we didn’t expect to have had several trips during her infant stage either. But that we did. For very important reasons.¬†Looking back at those events, I’d still … Read more...