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Silent Nights

Cathy / September 28, 2016

Taking care of a newborn is not easy. My hormones seem to ebb and flow as they hear this understatement. All these memes and articles about newborncare seem to be only a scratch to the surface, tip of the iceberg, … Read more...


Why I started this blog

why i started mommy cathy blog
Cathy / September 27, 2016

Every time I would chat with friends, i found myself always saying the same things: momhood is hard, hormones, new milestones from the Lil One, happy smiles, challenging sleep schedules, etcetera. Different friends on different occasions would mention about blogging. … Read more...


Travel Guide: Camotes Island, Cebu

Cathy / August 29, 2012

Camotes Island is becoming a famous destination since it is very accessible from Cebu city and the beaches are breathtaking. Are you planning to visit Camotes Island, Cebu anytime soon?  Find out where to stay, where to eat, and what … Read more...