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Our everydays


The Lil One used to dislike bath time. But now is different. Whenever I tell her it’s ba-bath time, she immediately rushes to climb the stairs and head on to the bathroom. I’m very careful in saying the word ‘ba-bath’ nowadays, lest she climbs the stairs without my knowing. During bath time, she’d play with her toys, splash the water, touch the faucet, and simply enjoy her ba-bath time. Of course, the mother is very happy to oblige while I shampoo her hair, cleanse her with soap, and do the cleaning rituals.

Before, she used to scream at the top of her lungs when summoned for bath time, would cry and kick her feet in the bathtub, hold on to my arms and legs until I get wet myself, and make every effort to make us understand that she dislikes bathing. It would take some time to assure and soothe her until she gets comfortable with the water. But hey, now it is different. She would now scream at the top of her lungs when told that ba-bath time is over. She’d used her old same tactic of saying ‘No’ while turning her back at me. Uh-oh.


Even when she was way younger, around 6 months to be specific, she showed early signs of having a great appetite. She is not a picky eater, thanks. However, when same food is given to her for several days, she’d turn away from it. Except for potatoes! She loves potatoes then, she loves potatoes now. Mashed, boiled, steamed, fried. She loves it.

Some would remark that she’s not hard to feed, that she’s the type you’d want to feed, for she eats a variety of food. Rice, bread, egg, banana (her another favorite), cookies, apple (also her favorite), carrot, pork, beef, rice, broccoli, etc. I have to keep up with her that I have to learn cooking different kinds of food each week. I don’t want her appetite to dwindle just because her mom is a lazy or inexperienced cook. She loves eating. And I’m very happy.

As for her weaning from milk, we have yet to establish it firmly. She still loves her milk and her bottles. She now drinks and sips from cups. But she still loves her bottles, thus time to get perfectly serious about watching out for cavities and brushing her teeth, which let’s admit toddlers still cannot brush their teeth the right way. She’d just chew her toothbrush and swallows what water she’d get from the bristles. I still have to stick my hands with a wet towel in her mouth and rub those teeth, gums, and teeth, while she bites my fingers. Ouch!


Her emotions keep showing. Not the usual crying to ask for milk or food. She is showing clear and definite signs of sulkiness, embarrassment, fear, and my favorite, sweetness.

While sitting on the couch or lying in bed, she’d suddenly forward her face to mine and kiss me. Then her dad. Then back to me. Then her dad. She goes back and forth kissing us. If that cannot warm a mother’s heart, I don’t know what will. It just sends chills on my spine and a tender touch to my heart.

Also, while playing, she’ll suddenly say ‘Mama’ and I could see from those eyes how the word ‘Mama’ means to her. Yes darling, you can say that word over and over again. I can’t wait for you to finally learn conversation.

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