Online stores you’ll need for your DIY candy buffet

online stores diy candy buffet

In my article, Busy Mom’s Guide: How to create a DIY candy buffet from scratch, I listed buying supplies as the step number 6 of my step-by-step guide on creating your DIY candy buffet. Well, here are the nitty-gritty details of that step, which I separated as another article because where you can buy supplies definitely depend on where you live. At the moment, this nomad mom lives within Metro Manila, thus this article talks about online stores where you can buy affordable party supplies within the area, based on my experienceeeeeeeee….

Why online stores? Well, aside from being convenient, I don’t the time, energy (and enthusiasm) to roam around the city and canvass each party supplies store in the metro. It’s because of traffic, heat, and of course, I’m a stay-at-home mom with my Lil One in tow 24/7. And hello, online stores are the new thingggggg!

So here are the nitty-gritty details:

online stores diy candy buffet

Where to buy raw materials for your party decorations?

Examples of raw materials: Japanese crepe paper, special colored papers, glue, double side tape, nylon

Raw materials for my DIY candy buffet decors
Raw materials for my DIY candy buffet decors

Where to buy ready-made party decorations?

Examples: paper straws, wooden spoons and forks, buntings, paper cups, paper lanterns, cake toppers

  • – This is a best find! It is an online store that sells party supplies at very affordable prices, or specifically speaking Divisoria prices. For pink paper straws, you can buy them at 50 pesos for 50 pieces whereas in malls, it would cost twice or thrice. I learned about this online store from I personally wasn’t able to buy any from their store as I learned about them too late and I already had my own decors. You might wanna try them!
  • Party Pieces by Zoey – Party Pieces by Zoey sells party supplies such as buntings, cake toppers, paper fans, glass jars, and anything cutie at very affordable prices. Aside from party supplies, you can also buy party candies from them.

(Non-online store)

  • Celebrations Party Central – Okay, this is not an online store technically. But they do have a Facebook page where you can endlessly browse through their products. And you can call or message them to ask for the corresponding prices. They do have a branch located at 4th Level Fashion hall in SM Megamall, which is conveniently near to our place. So every time we’d go malling, this is one of our necessary stops.
Photo credit: Facebook page of Celebration Party Central
Photo credit: Facebook page of Celebrations Party Central

Where to buy Candies?

Other online stores a little above the affordable price line:

My personal experience: I first bought candies at SM Supermarket and realized how limited the options were. I was only able to buy pink pretzels, marshmallows, and strawberry flavored candies (e.g. my chosen theme is Pink and Gold, thus the pink candies). And candies in other candy stores in SM are expensive and limited as well. I then googled about where to buy swirl lollipops around Metro Manila and luckily I stumbled upon Joshua Gummies, an online store. So here’s my brief review on them:


  • Because they’re an online store, I no longer have to scour the city far and wide to search for that elusive party candies. It saved my sanity. Bigtime.
  • They really respond fast. I contacted them at 4am (can’t sleep worrying about where to buy candies!), they responded 9am, I deposited my payment at BPI at 2pm, and the package was delivered 9am the next day. That’s 29 hours total. wink.
  • Customer service is great, friendly, and responds fast.
  • They have a wide variety of candies. I chose the Pink Candies package, which is suitable for my theme. Cost of candies is 1500 pesos plus 300 pesos delivery charge within Metro Manila. If delivering outside Metro Manila, it would be more or less 2.5k pesos via LBC or JRS Express.
  • Is my 1500 pesos worth it? As far as stress levels are concerned, YES. I appreciate them being an online store because I cannot afford to leave the house often since I’m taking care of the Lil One.


  • Not so much. I only wish they have Paypal or other online payment facility so buyers won’t have to go to the bank to deposit payment.
  • It would be great if the package also included pink jelly beans and pink m&m’s, instead of the licorice and strawberry milk sticks.
Candies from joshua gummies
Candies from Joshua gummies

Final Take

That’s it. If you are currently looking for online stores that sell affordable party supplies for your DIY candy buffet, I hope this article has helped you in some ways.

Let me know how your DIY candy buffet turned out, mommies!

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