Our Everyday Moments

My heart back


When you leap, when you run
How this heart skips a beat or two
When you scream while out of my sight
Or when i hear a bang from where you’re at
How this feeble heart jumps at near attack
Give my heart back, can you?
Its settling has been long overdue
Body’s got more caffeine
Senses could no longer feign


Take my heart back, can i?
This new one seems vulnerable at your mere sight
So breakable at a moment’s pain from you
So much consumed with love my eyes bleed sometimes
So overwhelmed both with fears and joy i can only sigh.


Don’t bring my heart back though, i beg you
The old one’s lonely and incomplete
It only loved with conditions and reservations
T’was blind and doesn’t understand a thing about sacrifice
This new one though is yet young
But oh, how you taught it love more than all words combined


This heart loves you endlessly darling
There’s never a doubt
But it is still made of flesh, thus weak it will surely err
So when my strength pales
Trust above all in God who never fails
And who can mold my heart to love you more and more.

Happy 14th month my firstborn. You’ve taught my heart love even before you can properly talk.


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