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Mornington Peninsula day trip

mornington peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is around 75 km away from Melbourne CBD and at least 70-minute drive. It is most famous in Melbourne (or in the Victoria state) as having the most beautiful beaches perfect for summertime. Sure enough, there were big crowds everywhere when we went as it was summer and the holiday season!

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Address: 244 Shands Rd, Main Ridge VIC 3928

Open 9 am – 5 pm every day except Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day

Phone: (03) 5989 4500

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sunnyridgestrawberryfarm/

Website: http://www.sunnyridge.com.au/

On our day trip, we first went to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. The entry fee is $10 adults, and kids 0-4yo are free. You are given a container for the strawberries you picked from the farm.

At first, we thought the earlier visitors had picked all the ripe strawberries. It turned out that there were more though only covered with the large leaves. So while I was busy chasing and following the toddler around, the hubby was taking pictures and my mom was diligently picking the strawberries. A for the team effort. Hahaha!

The Lil One really liked the strawberries and has consumed probably at least twenty. No kidding! It was surprisingly sweet and delicious, unlike those sour ones you buy from the stores or groceries. I guess it is because of its being freshly picked! It’s my first time to enjoy the true sweetness of strawberries.


sunny ridge strawberry farm
Mom I’m busy. You smile for the camera. ok?


Sorrento front beach

Right after the farm, we headed to the beach. But hey which beach?!? We were already in Mornington and we still haven’t decided which beach to visit. There’s just so many options. From what we have gathered, Mt. Martha and Pt. Leo are great spots. Sorrento is in their ‘CBD’.

Without overthinking, we chose Sorrento beach! It is also reportedly one of the cleanest beaches in town and Melbourne in general. There are a few tables where you can put your food and eat some munch. Or you simply lay down your towel on the sand and have a sunbath.

The Lil One enjoyed making her first sand castle!

Mount Martha Beach

Next stop was Mount Martha beach, a 30-minute drive from Sorrento beach. When we arrived at Mount Martha, we were already half exhausted and the Lil One was sleeping like a baby. Literally!

The beach view though was amazing! We should have stopped at Mount Martha and had our late lunch in this gorgeous beach instead of the Sorrento. And they have those colorful bathing house boxes! The sunset was making it more perfect. BUT the waters are not safe for swimming, I mean it’s not shallow waters. It’s like a cliff where the waters quickly become deep even without going far from the shoreline. The shoreline is 2km long though so maybe somewhere out there, it’s safer.

The sand in Sorrento front beach was whiter and finer, but Mount Martha’s were sparkling! It was more coarse yet not harsh on the skin, it was therapeutic to walk barefooted. My mom said the sand is like brown sugar in color and texture, and yes it truly is!

Then we head home. And the Lil One woke up just when we were driving back home, and won’t stop talking and laughing. Maybe got drunk from too many strawberries? Hahah! It was a day well spent with family.

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