Blogging turns one

The Lil One has eaten breakfast. She has been bathed, lotioned, dressed, and combed. Activities that the Lil One will attend this and next week have been plotted and posted on the fridge door. Now, I can catch my breath. Never mind that the bedroom is messy. Dishes and pots in the kitchen not yet washed.  Haha! I turn to my blog which turns one year today!

Well, how time flies. It seems only yesterday. I can’t believe it has been one year and

As I always say, I take this journey in motherhood, parenting, and toddler care one day at a time. It does not fly nor drag. Each day brings its own fast actions, slow pace, comedy, and drama. As I am writing that sentence, the Lil One suddenly leaned her head on my side. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. The gentle sweet moments after the chasing and crying just five minutes ago.

So there. I am reminded again on why I started this blog: to write about my journey in motherhood and our family’s memories.

This motherhood is mental gymnastics on its own. Thus, writing has been my therapy and escape from its rollercoaster ride. Funny though because what I’m writing is also about motherhood. But really, it has been a life-saver.

To sum it all, I know that it was only through the grace of God that I managed it all. Motherhood altered my life totally, immensely, drastically, wonderfully. I left my job to become a full-time mom, moved back to the Philippines while the hubby stayed abroad, then whole family moved to Melbourne. And life goes on.

Final thoughts

A year ago, I hesitated to start this blog. I thought I would not have the time. It was ambitious and adventurous enough for a first-time mom who is still learning the ropes of motherhood. Yet there I was with adequate support and encouragement from friends, I wrote my first blog post and here I am!

This blog is already a year old. And I am thankful. So many times I doubt myself and think of ending this blog, but I am thankful I am brought to my senses every now and then. I am thankful. It is indeed about learning one day at a time, whether it is motherhood, life, or anything. One day at a time. Cheers!

Just wanted to sure this pic. Melts my heart totally!

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