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Exploring the Library at The Dock

I’m beginning to love spring! The Lil One and I get to go outdoors more now that the harsh cold and wind of winter are long gone. A few days ago, we went to the State Library. This time, one interesting place we explored is the Library at The Dock.

Getting there

You can reach the library by catching the tram 11 or 48 from Southern Cross station and alight at D18. The tram 11 though is best for parents who bring strollers as it does not have staircases on its entry and exit points. Or you can simply walk from Southern Cross station for a good 10-15 minutes.

Inside the Library at The Dock

The Library at The Dock is one of the best libraries in Melbourne. Their Children’s corner offers interactive fun and learning for kids. The Lil One enjoyed the on-the-floor screen where you can virtually step on balls, balloons, or marbles. Also, they have animal puppets, TV with alphabet lesson shows, and of course thousands of books!

While reading books, you get a view of the yachts and the Yarra River at Docklands. There are many quiet corners with comfortable couches where you can read your books or doze off to sleepland. It also has a cafe inside to catch up on your caffeine and cookies/muffin intake. It really is a cozy place.


Library at the Dock
The front of the library
Library at the Dock
The Children’s area
Library at the Dock
Comfortable chairs where you can read…or sleep!
Library at the Dock
Thousand of books!
Library at the Dock
Children’s books


Library details fromt heir website

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