Infant carrier vs. Stroller: which one is worth buying?

infant carrier vs stroller

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I was overwhelmed with the millions of baby products available on the market. And being a first-time mom at that, finding the best products (and worth-buying) was like finding needles in a haystack.

Well, two years after, I know better. And what I can say now is that our Combi Urban Walker stroller win as my best baby product, well aside from our electric sterilizer. It was worth every cent. Yup, I am officially a ‘stroller’ mom.

Now before jumping into mushing over my beloved stroller, let me say, I loved our Ergobaby infant carrier too. We still have it and it is still very usable. However, it only lasted up to the infant stage. Toddler stage was pretty much with the stroller.

combi urban walker
Combi Urban Walker Source: Amazon

 Carrying your newborn with an infant carrier

After giving birth, your body will need to recover fully. However, you will find yourself carrying your baby a LOOOOOOOOT of times. When going outdoors, having an infant carrier will definitely help. Your hands are free to carry a diaper bag and hold doors.

BUT. Even with a carrier, carrying a newborn at least 3kg for a LOOOOOONG period of time will put a strain on your back. The advantage is still there of course, you can be hands-free. But your back ache will soon be saying hello to you.

Which is better for traveling?

BOTH! With the stroller, you can use it only until boarding time. But with the carrier, you can bring it with you inside the plane.

Which is cheaper?

Now, this depends on your preferred brand, model, and features. On a general scale, strollers take the big slice from the budget department. But it will be worth it as it will be used longer.

How about you mommies? Are you a stroller mom or a carrier mom?

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