Urgent versus Important tasks (SAHM edition)

important vs urgent tasks sahm infographic

I learned about the difference between urgent and important tasks from an online course I took a few years ago. It was refreshing to know that urgent tasks do not necessarily mean important tasks? Sure, that phone call, that credit card due payment, and meetings are important but are these exactly the long-term and improvement goals/tasks in life? Or are they simply called urgencies, or ASAP tasks, or in-the-now moments?

Important versus Urgent tasks (of a stay-at-home mom)

Being a mom (and a stay-at-home at that), I now find myself in a work environment much different from the corporate type I previously had. No commute, no time in/out, no deadlines, no dreaded <insert here whatever you have in mind>. And yet each and every single day, I found myself filtering tasks in my mind in two categories: important and urgent.

I haven’t washed all the bottles yet. Do i need to do this now or should I soothe the baby first?

I haven’t taken a bath yet. Should I shower or should I nap?

Yeah, life-changing and mind-boggling questions, right?

Instead, I sleep, play, or tend to the baby at hand. Because. The dishes always get done. The room always gets messy somehow. The adults can take care of themselves somehow. Years from now, there will always be a chance to clean dirty sinks and whatnots.

What I’m trying to say is that i’m still learning one day at a time on which tasks/activities/goals/events/tantrums/dramas are important and which are urgent. In the process of doing so, I have decided to focus on what’s important. And happiness is one of the important goals.

I have decided to have this mantra: Happy Mama = Happy Family. Being a happy mom is more important than being a supermom. So I make happiness one of our long-term goals!

How about you mommies, how do you manage your tasks at home? Take a look at my infographic below (that I created just because).

important vs urgent tasks sahm infographic



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