Guest Posts

What are guest posts?

Guest posts are posts written by someone other than the blog’s main writer.

It gives a new perspective on topics within the blog’s central theme or niche. In our case, new perspectives about motherhood and Melbourne living other than our own perspective. That can be refreshing!

What is in it for the blog owner?

It provides the blog a new content in regular periods. For example, there are times we cannot update our blog and the recent posts are becoming weeks old! Your blog can attract dust and mites, just as a house untouched for a long time can. Guest posts can help solve that.

What is in it for the contributor?

Connections, exposures, and visibility. You get the drill.

Here are few articles explaining guest posts:

Will I be paid if I contribute?

Unfortunately, nope! But if this blog generates a whopping amount of income, why not? Let’s cross fingers for that. Wink!

Is guest posts the hype or trend?

Hype or trend is not the word. Perhaps, it’s strategy.

We all set the direction for our blog. So depending on where you want your blog to head on to, you can have guest posts. Then again, each blog is unique and has its own personality.

Scary Mommy started with accepting guest posts, and look what it is now. So it’s really up to you!

How can I submit guest posts on this blog?

Simply email me at or contact me on

Just a few things about guest post contributions

  • Content must be original; must be at least 300 words
  • Images must be original. Recommended size: at least 800px by 400px
  • Can include two links: one within the article and another in the ‘About the Author’ content
  • Headings are recommended.

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Thanks for reading 🙂