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Growing up so fast

The Lil One is now fifteen sixteen seventeen months old. She’s learning so fast and has quite a few tricks up on her sleeves already. Any ordinary day will turn into something special when she shows off her new skills or reaches another milestone. And the parents? Let’s just say this little kiddo have us head over heels. Some moments that simply have us shaking our heads and smiling from ear to ear are:

When she initiates peekaboo with new kids

Each and every time she sees kids, she runs to them and initiates a ‘babble’ conversation. Whether it’s in the park, church, playground, or shops,  she seems to be curious about other miniature human beings. One time, we run into two little girls in the playground when she suddenly approached them and playfully screamed ‘bahhh!’ That’s her playing peekaboo. To make a long story short, they became playmates. Yeah. That’s just to name one out of several ‘bahhh!’ moments.

When she initiate peekaboo with mama and papa

This simply warms my heart. I would come running home just to play peekaboo with this little girl. She would cover her eyes with her two hands and then with all of her cute might, loudly scream ‘bahhh!’


When she calls on to strangers

She likes staring at new faces, and that’s ok. But when she calls on to them, that’s kinda awkward.. not for her, but for the parents. The stranger would be pleasantly surprised and would simply say ‘hi’, or remark how cute she is, or how old she is. This little fella is learning social skills early on. This happens in the bus, train, groceries, anywhere. If the strangers are parents themselves, they happily obliged chiming in their own kids with the Lil One’s acts.

When she says no-no while shaking her head and pointing her finger

It seems we have overused the word ‘no’ to her. She’s learned to use it to us too! When it’s ba-bath time, she says ‘no’. When she sees an electric outlet, she first looks at me and screams ‘no’ before I could! When she doesn’t like to lie on her stroller, she lets out a big ‘NO’! When she seems me frowning and she knew I am about to say ‘no’, she always managed to say the word first. Oh no!

When she open and closes doors endlessly

This is cute at first. Really. ‘Wow good job, you know how to open the cabinet.. the kitchen door… any types of doors. Oh, you also know how to close it.’ Yes, it is cute. Very cute. Until it becomes endless. Open, close. Open, close. Open, close. Tell me when she’s done with it. For the millionth time!

When she cries for just touching something

Every time she let out a big cry and she’s out of my sight, I can honestly say I’m near heart attack. I’d drop anything in my hands or jump from where I’m to see what’s the cry is about. And thankfully, she’s not in danger. She’s ok. And she’s fine. She just mistakenly placed her hand on the drawer, on a hole, on a toy, which seemed to frighten her. Then mama takes her hand. And she smiles and life goes on for her as if this feeble heart of mine isn’t getting any weaker.

When she picks up groceries

which pants do you like papa?
Let’s buy fruits!
I like this mama!

When she walks like a drunk and rejects holding my hand

What’s with the drunk-walk? Or sometimes flying-walk? Whatever it is, it just makes my heart skip a beat. And whenever I hold her hand to guide her, she doesn’t take it. What? This little girl is learning independence way too soon. Mama already misses you darling. Just be careful with your steps.

When she learned to roll on the floor crying! ROFC!

Where on earth did she learn this? Literally, kids do roll on the floor crying. ROFC! That’s a new mommy term. Now I just hope she won’t learn to do it in public. Crossing fingers. Knocking on wood.

When she drags her favorite books and ‘reads’ them to me

This one really surprised me. All those times I picked up a book, read the stories to her, made silly noises trying to make the story real, has paid off. They have paid off when one afternoon she dragged a book from her toy box, opened it on the bed beside me, looked at me, pointed the picture of a cow, and screamed ‘mooooo!’. When she reached the page with alphabets, she tries to point at the letters and ‘sing’ the alphabet song. As she turns every page, she mimics what I read on them. Thank you, darling.


When she writes like a boss!

Every time. Every time. Everytime, she sees a pen, she’d take it from your hands, from the table, and start writing her own business!

So this is my list of things to do for today!

When she babbles so intently you’d think she’s acting like a boss

Whenever the hubs and I are having a conversation, she tries to chime in, voicing out her own babbles of strong opinion. What normally is a serious conversation becomes a funny one when she insists on being heard by sitting between papa and mama! And the face! Her all-so serious facial expressions really mix well.

Whether it’s messing her toys (yet again)

When she motions to cry then instantly smile when we give in to her want

When she eats

When she steals my spoon!

When she ‘feeds’ me

When she ‘hides’

When she goes inside anything that she can fit into

When she ‘inspects’ a room

When she can be instructed to hand things

When she gives me her shoes

‘Get your shoes’ is our first command every time we head out of the bedroom door. She would obey by getting her favorite shoes on her own and hand it to us so we can wear it to her. And sometimes when we forget to say those commands because we’re busy with fixing bed or something, she’d take the shoes herself and surprise us by handing it to us and saying ‘SHOOSH!’

Today I will wear papa’s shoes

When she kisses me

When she says ‘mama’

It’s the sweetest thing in the world. Like music to my ears. Like the best words that can be spoken. And she says it with a high then low tone: MA-mah!

When she wants to do everything mama does

 When she’s simply being herself

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