Freebies page is now up!

freebies mommy cathy


I’m so thrilled to have created and published the Freebies page! I find it as a good start for the year and my way to provide blog visitors and readers valuable stuffs to download.

freebies mommy cathy


I initially planned to use the freebies for my own personal use, but while creating them, I decided to simply make them available in this blog. You see, I am not that good in organising my files in my local drive. Oops! But having anything published in the blog somehow makes my files (and thoughts) organised. This is one of the things I like about blogging: I can have a repository of information and files that I can share to others as well. One perfect example is my post about how claimed my maternity benefits. If I didn’t put it to writing, I would have forgotten the nitty-gritty details of the process, I would have lost the papers/receipts and totally forgot the numbers and whatnots.

One other thing is I’m slowly (if not already) transitioning to a paperless environment. The husband and I make it a habit to upload our important documents in a cloud drive. This always comes in handy whenever we need to refer to a certain credential/document, which we do not hold physically at the moment. Personally, I registered to the paid feature of Google Drive that allows me to store up to 100GB of files. It costs US$1.99 per month. Not bad right? Because of that I no longer have to worry whenever Google Photos automatically backup photos from my mobile device at real-time (i.e. my mobile device’s gallery is synced to Google Photos).

Well, that has been a load of words. In a nutshell, anything you’ll find in my Freebies page are yours for the taking!

God bless, mommies!

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