Moving to Australia

First year in Melbourne


A year ago, we arrived in Melbourne. It was the first day of a new journey, ending the long days of preparation, applications, apprehensions,  and daydreaming. We were excited and tired from a 22-hour stopover flight. It truly felt like we were starting fresh.

Well fast forward, what do we have a year later? We have a roof over heads, food on our table, good health, and each other. I am pregnant with our second child. Wink! We have free medical assistance from the government, we have a car, and we have a mountain of debt and bills. Haha!

I could make a list of how the first year really was literally. I could glamorize and make it all an Instagram-worthy version of reality. But rather than bore with you the real reality of the struggles and hardships, here are some things that, we think, made our decision to migrate worthwhile and a right one:

It really is a good place to start and raise a family.

The government supports raising families in many ways. You are entitled to free medical assistance (checkups, hospital, pregnancy care, etc). You can get child care subsidies. And for your home rental, you can get rent assistance (only to eligible home renters). Public education is free. University costs can be loaned and then paid when you get a job. First-time home buyers can avail of government assistance.

Home rental fees are reasonable. There are a lot of wide open spaces, nature, and fresh air to breathe in. Kids’ education is a balance of academics, social, sports, and more.

Side note though (I’d hate to burst your bubble): but the tax here is very high! 

Final thoughts

If you do want to migrate to Australia or to any other country, it can be a long and winding road, or ‘quick’ if you look at it chronologically or facebookally. But certainly, you must be prepared financially, mentally, and all that wally-wally. Settling and adjusting to a new culture and way of life is something you have to slowly learn, and that can be a different process for anyone. Once you’re here, you’re here and be here. Because airfare going back home is expensive. Blah!

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