Moving to Australia

First winter down under

Winter time in VIC Australia: around June – Aug

I wish I could give valuable tips here. But what I can give are remarks on how I don’t like winter. I really do not. It’s so cold at nights, it’s cold when you go outdoors, water is cold, the floor is cold, and your food is cold. On the positive side, we have no snow. Thankfully!

Back in the tropical Philippines, the cold wind at night soothes and relaxes you from the heat during the day. But cold winds of the winter season is the exact opposite; it can be a cruel companion. And you sympathize more with those who are homeless who have to battle the cold through the night. Very sad.

Well, in Melbourne, it’s technically winter. But every now and then, you’d have sunny days, windy mornings, chilly nights, and everything else in between. I can’t wait for summer so the clothes can dry quickly and easily.

It’s cold and windy, but no it’s not Christmas. Let’s see what Christmas in summer can bring us. Until then, we will survive the cold winter by having these essentials at home:

Our home essentials during winter


Rugs and carpets

The living room and the kitchen are not carpeted so we have to tiptoe walking on them if we forgot to wear our slippers. So the rugs and carpets were a life-saver. And nice home decorations too!

Blankets, blankets, and blankets

More please!

Hot soup

To warm our tummies especially during dinner! We loved our IKEA cooking pots and it ain’t very heavy so no muscle aches for me.


Winter can suck the surrounding’s humidity. I thought only the sun’s heat or warmth can do that. But at the onset of winter, we had dry skin and the Lil One started to have a dry cough. Then I was reminded to have a humidifier! We bought the Homedics humidifier. Any humidifier as long as it is ultrasonic cool mist. If you choose the hot mist type, the risk of being scalded when tipped over is always present.


We bought the Polo ET150 model. What we loved about this heater is its timer and its automatic setting to retain a certain temperature. For example, if you want the room to be 25 degrees Celsius, then it automatically warms the room not beyond that temp. If it detects the room is already at 25 degrees, it sets to standby mode. Thus, efficient on our electricity bills.



How about you? What are your winter essentials at home?



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