My first banana bread

Not exactly my first. I baked a banana bread when I was around 12 years old and forgot to put baking soda. The baked bread was hard as a rock. Haha! Since then, I avoided baking banana bread as much as I can. But still, I love to eat it!

So I tried to bake one this time. And it turned out to be easy! You just mix the dry ingredients first and then the liquid next. Mix them. Put it in the oven! I followed the recipe I found online to the letter. Sadly, the temperature of the oven seemed too high for my humble bread. Halfway through, the outer crust was already toasty. But when we pricked it, the inside was very much liquid. We had to turn the temperature from 175 degrees Celsius to 120.

So that’s how we made a banana bread with a crunchy toasty crust and a moist inside. Gotta practice more!

When the Lil one saw me slice the cake, she said ‘Wooooowww!’ so many times. Hahaha! I wished we had captured the moment. But as usual, when we turned on and pointed the camera to her, she stopped her cute gimmicks. Hay!



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