The Charm that is called Guiuan

The hubs talks highly of his hometown, Guiuan, Eastern Samar! It’s his happy place of childhood memories, a place of nostalgia, his happy pill. And I have yet to meet a local who doesn’t esteem the place without much gusto. Having stayed in Guiuan for a few weeks, I can say… yes, indeed the place has its own unique charm you’d want to call it your happy place as well.

Its remoteness is its charm itself

Guiuan is notably a remote municipality. Its nearest city is Tacloban, which is a three-and-half-an-hour drive away.

Guiuan eastern samar

Travelling to Guiuan means passing thru thick green sceneries and winding roads. But upon arrival, you’d be surprised to find a relatively busy downtown area, several business establishments, and locals going thru their typical daily lives.

I have to admit though, the travel is tiresome (especially for me who gets motion sick and nauseous when travelling, but that’s just me!). But arriving there you will instantly feel at home.

The place reminds me of the TV series Hart of Dixie. Zoe found herself in a remote town but filled with locals who’ve made a bright community on their own.

 The intimacy with the Pacific Ocean

Guiuan pacific ocean -01

You see the bend right at the Philippines’s easternmost edge? Yes, that’s Guiuan. And yes, it kisses Pacific Ocean right at the very cheek. It is surreal. It is magical. It thrills me to see the vast Pacific Ocean with my very own eyes. It charms me.

This strategic location makes it a favorite destination among avid surfers and home to many kinds of seafood.

I remember when the hubs brought me to Guiuan for the first time a few years back, i was truly amazed by the huge waves and told the tricycle driver to drop us off immediately at the spot so i can take pictures!

However, this charm often makes Guiuan the frontliner from the ocean’s generous share of typhoons. It is widely known that this town suffered immensely during Yolanda being the typhoon’s first landfall in the Philippines in November 2013. Three years after, locals are very well back on their resilient feet creating for themselves a renewed haven they have always called home.

My charot ginamot moment!
My charot ginamot moment!

The goodness of the local people

Before the hubs and I were married, someone told me Warays are maisog! That means strong personality, or having the trait of fierceness. Well, judging from my hubs and all Waraynons i have met, they are simply kind, helpful, and simple. What makes them maisog though? If they talk about Guiuan! Theyd put up a fight to tell you how beautiful their place is. Hehe!

Simple, peaceful, quiet living

Struggling to incorporate minimalism into your lifestyle? Living outside the city’s hustle and bustle will do you favor without the effort. And Guiuan can do this for you.

Life is simple, peaceful, and without the honk and tonk of busy metro. You won’t need much to enjoy the place. If you really are looking for a place to disconnect, to simply enjoy fresh air, and experience the very roots of living with nature, Guiuan can do you favors.

Convenience right at the downtown

Just when you thought you’d totally get disconnected, you will find your usual conveniences like banking, groceries, and coffee shops. There are Metrobank, PNB, Mercury Drug, Novo, Prince Hypermart, Chooks to Go, and more at the downtown area.


The Philippines truly has several hidden gems up in its sleeves. And Guiuan is one of them, its charm not yet discovered much by many… only enjoyed by their very own locals who have made the place a thriving and sustainable community on their own. I hope more Filipinos get to know, discover, and explore Guiuan themselves.

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