Celebrating the Lil One’s 1st birthday at Max’s Restaurant

After months of googling where to hold the Lil One’s 1st birthday, planning on a DIY candy buffet, and everything in between, we simply pulled it off and had a blast during the party.

It was only around October when my husband and I seriously started planning for the celebration. I simply can’t multitask three things at the same: planning for the birthday celebration, planning for our Sydney trip, and all the while taking care of the Lil One 24/7. Thankfully, I survived. And so did my eyebags!

Here are some details of the party:

Food and venue: Max’s Restaurant, Shaw Boulevard branch

Address: 312 Liberty Center Shaw Boulevard

Here’s a PDF copy of Max’s birthday packages:

Max’s Restaurant birthday package

Cupcakes as giveaways: Bethany’s

Standee block letters and number: Letra atbp.

Candy buffet: DIY by Mommy Cathy

Our Lil One turns one!
Our Lil One turns one!

Thank you Lord for this great milestone! My prayers continue. Please bless her always and keep her healthy, safe, and happy always.


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