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Popol. Geeen. Rid. Seyow. 

That is how the Lil One pronounces purple, green, red, and orange, respectively. Orange for her is se-yow! And I’m sure she doesn’t mean yellow because every time she sees the orange fruit or color orange, … Read more...

Motherhood, Our Everyday Moments

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The Lil One used to dislike bath time. But now is different. Whenever I tell her it’s ba-bath time, she immediately rushes to climb the stairs and head on to the bathroom. I’m very careful in saying the word … Read more...

Our Everyday Moments

My heart back

Cathy / January 15, 2017

When you leap, when you run
How this heart skips a beat or two
When you scream while out of my sight
Or when i hear a bang from where you’re at
How this feeble heart jumps at near attack…