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Cathy / September 27, 2017

The Lil One has eaten breakfast. She has been bathed, lotioned, dressed, and combed. Activities that the Lil One will attend this and next week have been plotted and posted on the fridge door. Now, I can catch my breath. … Read more...



Cathy / September 16, 2017

My dear Lil One, you have given me so much joy, perhaps there’s never been such happiness in my life that comes close to this.  You have always been perfect and beautiful in my eyes, a gift I am so … Read more...

Motherhood, Our Everyday Moments


Popol. Geeen. Rid. Seyow. 

That is how the Lil One pronounces purple, green, red, and orange, respectively. Orange for her is se-yow! And I’m sure she doesn’t mean yellow because every time she sees the orange fruit or color orange, … Read more...

Motherhood, Our Everyday Moments

Our everydays


The Lil One used to dislike bath time. But now is different. Whenever I tell her it’s ba-bath time, she immediately rushes to climb the stairs and head on to the bathroom. I’m very careful in saying the word … Read more...