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Cathy / August 26, 2017


We were invited to attend the confirmation of our fellow parishioner’s son. And we gladly accepted as we have been wanting to visit the SSPX church in Tynong. The confirmation was given by Bishop Fellay.

Our first trip to …


Good stories

It’s a good story, it hurts.

Jo March, my childhood heroine, was a writer, something I wanted to be too when I was a little woman myself. She had wonderful sisters as loving companions in her childhood. She lives in … Read more...


St. Joseph pray for us!

St. Joseph the patron of workers

It’s March 10 again, the first day of novena prayer to St. Joseph in preparation for his feast day on March 19. Never pass a day, any trial in your life, or any petition without invoking the powerful intercession and … Read more...


Christmas and the spirit of poverty

merry christmas manger
Cathy / December 25, 2016

Finally about nine o’clock, St. Joseph came back, utterly overcome, crying and trembling with heartbreaking sorrow. Mary consoled him tenderly. Then he told her of a shepherd’s shelter outside the town. And she said:
“That will be perfectly satisfactory to


Saints who were mothers

Cathy / November 1, 2016

Happy feast day! Today is All Saints’ day.

If you were like me who thought that all saints belong to a religious order (i.e. priest, nun), it is good to know there are lay people too, and mothers at that. Read more...