Blogging turns one

Cathy / September 27, 2017

The Lil One has eaten breakfast. She has been bathed, lotioned, dressed, and combed. Activities that the Lil One will attend this and next week have been plotted and posted on the fridge door. Now, I can catch my breath. Never mind that the bedroom is messy. Dishes and pots in the kitchen not yet washed.  Haha! I turn to my blog…

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How to start your own blog from scratch

Hello there! I’m creating this ‘Start your blog’ post to share with you how I started this blog. Hopefully, this can help you jumpstart your blogging adventure! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use them, I can earn a little commission but it will no way charge you anything. Thank you for your support! How to start your…

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Why I started this blog

why i started mommy cathy blog
Cathy / September 27, 2016

Every time I would chat with friends, i found myself always saying the same things: momhood is hard, hormones, new milestones from the Lil One, happy smiles, challenging sleep schedules, etcetera. Different friends on different occasions would mention about blogging. ‘Go back to blogging’ one would say. ‘You should blog about it,’ another said.  I wanted to, but there were…

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