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Yet another late-night show with the Lil One

Oh yes, here we are again Lil One. I managed to put you to sleep two hours ago but here we are, you managed to sleep for only about an hour. Only enough for me to eat, wash dishes, brush my teeth, clean mess, and blah blah blah all done in a quick pace.


And at the very moment when I replaced the water tank in the humidifier, which thankfully and ironically is my last chore of the night, you managed to wake up. Very well, my Lil One, very well. Here we are again at yet another episode of ‘Lil One doesnt want to sleep early’ late night show. For you it may be a fun show, but for mama, it’s a drama one because i will again beg, hope, and cry (drama, remember) for you to sleep. Yet tonight, it’s ‘Dorks’ late night show’ because we acted like dorks.

The ‘Kiss mama’ segment

After some time of you tossing around up and down, left and right, while i am pretending to sleep hoping you get the point that it’s sleeptime, you kissed me. Yeah, you’re working your magic charm again. And me? I’m your damsel in distress cast under your spell. Then I gave in, ditched my sleeping act, and said, “Kiss mama.” Then you put your lips on my cheeks. I keep repeating “Kiss mama” and you would kiss me on my eyes, my nose, my lips. I’m not gonna lie. I do get “kilig” when you kiss mama. It’s like butterflies on my stomach all over again.

The ‘Give-pull-thankyou-laugh’ segment

Then you motioned to give your baby bottle to me. As i reached out my left hand to get it, you pulled my right hand and placed the bottle over it. Wow, this kid is something. I just said “Oh thank youuuuuuuuuu” in a prolonged high pitch voice. I laughed. Then you laughed. You again motioned to give the bottle, pulled my right hand, and placed the bottle on it. We did this give-pull-thank-you-laugh thing for like a million times. Such dorks we are, my little best friend. But I’m not gonna lie. I like how your eyes turn bright and how your nose wrinkles when you laugh. I am again reminded of the perks of being a mom.

The ‘Pretend drink’ segment

I pretended to drink from your milk bottle. You did the same but not pretending. And this yet another pretend drinking session went on and on. Good thing we are alone because your grownup mama is playing like a child. Being an adult dork wouldnt look great on my professional portfolio. Hahaha. Well, whatever and no worries because on my motherhood portfolio, i made my baby laugh. And that’s a high!

The ‘babble’ segment

Still trying to make mama understand that you don’t want to sleep yet, you then started to babble. You’re like a grownup trying to chat about something, with matching facial expressions and varying tones of voice. I’m not gonna lie. I did cross my eyebrows and can only be mesmerized by your tricks. Perhaps you would grow up to be a talkative type. Well, your introvert mama would be very glad to listen to your stories. Listening is my forte.

Back to the jumping segment

And when the fun of the night waned, you started to toss again, up and down, left and right. I could let you be but your paranoid mama wouldn’t. The cement wall where our bed attaches to is hard you might bump into it. Our bed is not that big for your ambitious jumping endeavours you might fall on the floor. So i wouldn’t. And when my eyelids began to fall, i said a prayer to your Guardian Angel because mama’s senses are no longer on full alert. And just like that, without a notice, you simply laid your head on the pillow and went to sleepland.

Goodnight Lil One. I wonder what your tricks would be tomorrow night.

Time check. 1:28am.


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