About Mommy Cathy

Hello there, we are so glad you stumbled on the MommyCathy blog! In this blog, I share about my journey in motherhood, about navigating our new life in Melbourne, and about blogging itself. From ‘debunking’ hormones to making planner templates, I may as well write anything under the sun. You could safely say I’m still torn on this whole ‘blogging niche’ thing!

In a general sense, this blog is about learning motherhood one day at a time. No one enters motherhood equipped with a parent manual. And what worked for others may not necessarily work in your own arena. You simply learn to change diapers, let go of control, tune in strongly to your God-given instinct, and enjoy what matters most one day at a time. And these wonders and struggles are the reason why I started this blog.

Most of the photos used on this blog are captured and edited by the husband while the content is written by the mom (me!), while our Lil One is the inspiration and motivation of this whole space. This blog is dedicated to the Mother of Mothers, Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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About Mommy Cathy

about mommy cathy

I’m Cathy. Born and raised in the Philippines, worked and lived in Singapore for a few years, and now I am a full-time mom who calls Melbourne her new home.

The Husband aka Daddy Jerry hails from Guiuan, Eastern Samar, is a software engineer by profession, a hobbyist photographer, and a marathon enthusiast when he is off-duty chasing our freestyle-walking Lil One.

Speaking of our Lil One, she is the ultimate blessing and delight of our hearts. When she came into our lives, everything made sense and started to have a meaningful purpose. Now a toddler, she runs like a tiger, walks like a drunk, and never fails to melt our hearts since day one. She has been making our dreams come real (figuratively) by her giggles and warmth and (literally) by her odd sleeping schedules. Truly, I didn’t know what I’ve been searching for my whole life and what unconditional love is until I saw those eyes. She is the love of my life, the mate of my soul!

We are Traditional Roman Catholics and we everyday implore guidance from the Blessed Virgin Mary, thus by faith we know She will always bless, protect, and defend our little new family. And any victories, obstacles, challenges, or uncertainties, we know, are all movements of God’s hands. As new parents, we take life one day at a time, always believing that the Lord provides for those who love Him.

For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of affliction, to give you an end and patience.

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