My dear Lil One, you have given me so much joy, perhaps there’s never been such happiness in my life that comes close to this.  You have always been perfect and beautiful in my eyes, a gift I am so proud at the same time, humbled to have been given with. It seems, no I am sure that you are the best thing that has happened to me. You have altered my life so drastically and wonderfully, that my whole being seems to entwine with yours at every dimension. Though I think it really works that way for you literally came from inside of me. How good truly is the Lord. Motherhood is such an experience, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Yet we both know my journey in motherhood and our family’s were not as smooth as they seem to be. You are the witness of that. The whole dynamics had me go beyond my usual capacity and understanding. I sometimes call it ‘mental gymnastics’. On the outside, everything is seen through rose-colored glasses. For both of us, it was a curved path of highs, lows, and neutrals. Mother’s instinct, patience, and love are no doubt graces from God, for if anyone’s self-will is to prevail, the challenges would easily break down weak hearts.

Well, enough of me babbling. Let’s see how far you’ve come. You today have hit another milestone, you are now 22 months! Oh darling, you have truly grown. I am tempted to say ‘how time flies’ but we both know it has been both quick and dragging. Yet it did not fly at all. It more felt like shutting doors at every end of each day. One closed door signifies one closed day. And the next day would be different again, but the same altogether. If anything out of our ordinaries happens, then the house got an upgrade. I do not think I am making sense. I think it suffices to say that we simply take it one day at a time. Each day had its own fast actions, slow pace, drama, and comedy.

You run, you play, you tell us ‘No, no no!’. You know the alphabet letters individually, and when you sing, you always stop at D… “A, B, C, D’ you would say.

‘Sikow, skwer, rektangow, ovaw, tayangow’, that’s how you say the ‘sheeps!’

Some things stay the same, you still say ‘Apow, bowkowleee, gwips, nana, raysh, and chikin’. Now you know, ‘Cawots, Chokowleee!’ That’s apple, broccoli, grapes, banana, rice, chicken, carrots, and chocolates, by the way.

Every time we sing, you say ‘Saba!’ So we stop singing while laughing inside for the cute little boss that you are now.

Every time we lost or are looking for some thing, you also say ‘ Asa man?’ In our dialect, that means ‘Where?’

You now cannot nap without someone on your side. You have grown picky and wants to try different dishes. Your mother is running out of ideas already! You are healthy, happy, gimmicky, and boisterous. You still keep away from strange faces and things. Yet you run quickly towards new toys, places, sounds, and food. And I know that you understand things more than we credit you for.

‘Control’, that’s what you want and must have. Some call it ‘terrible-two’. I do not agree it’s terrible. I say it’s another stage of your new awareness and challenges in communicating your wants and needs. You will never be terrible. It will never be terrible. It is challenging! Terribly cute and happy, that’s for certain though. You simply want to control. I simply have to comply, guide, listen, understand, reprimand, empathize, educate, entertain, divert, scold, self-deny, and improvise. Whew, that’s quite a list!

You have truly grown, inside and out. And so did your papa and me.

Forever, you will always be our very darling sweet firstborn.


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